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How It Works

ACTUARIAL QUEST  will give you rapid access to an experienced individual who can answer your questions about actuarial topics.  Our staff has years of experience to address your issues and recommend solutions for you.  We will explain difficult concepts in terms you can understand. 

Should you desire the services of a certified actuary who can conduct analyses, produce reports and issue actuarial opinions, ACTUARIAL QUEST  will provide you with a quote to provide these services on an agreed timetable.  If you agree, your certified actuary will perform the work in accordance with a stated timetable.

As a member of ACTUARIAL QUEST , you receive:

Access to an experienced individual who will quickly respond to your actuarial questions by telephone or email.

Benefit of obtaining analyses, reports and opinions of credentialed actuaries at reasonable fees.

Comfort of knowing you can advise your clients regarding their actuarial needs.

Join ACTUARIAL QUEST now for just $99 per month! 

If you have any questions before you join, please email or call Debbie Santa Lucia, Director, Actuarial Quest at 1-800-935-3436.  Otherwise, CLICK ON THE KEY and become a member of  ACTUARIAL QUEST  today!